The Graupner Servo Setup Program for digital Servos

Servo Setup

The Graupner digital servos of the series DES, HVS, HBS and HGM can be optimally programmed the respective purpose using the Upgrade Studio firmware. The software enables the perfect adaptation of the servers to the respective conditions without requiring elaborate programming in the menu of the remote control. Therefore, the basic settings can already be made before the first-time use.

In addition to the software, the USB interface (order no. 7168.6), the interface cable (order no. 6466.S) and two Y cables (order no. 3936.11) are required for the programming of the servos.

If the software is installed and the servo to be programmed is connected, the following parameters can be adjusted:

  • Model: here you can enter a name to save the settings under
  • Servo reverse: Servoreverse: changes the direction of the servo's rotation
  • Signal - Servo signal: after marking the check box, the servo can be moved with the slider, which shows the current position in usServo: clicking on the "Servo" button shows the current servo position in us
  • EPA End-Point Adjustment: maximum servo travel separately adjustable for right and left
  • Speed: Servo speed (100% = maximum), e.g. in order to adapt the servo speed for special functions
  • Trim: Trim position for the fine trim adjustment of the center position - 100 ~ +100
  • Dead band: Dead band setting: the higher the value, the greater the joystick travel from the zero position until the actuation of the servo
  • Failsafe: Failsafe position; in order to activate failsafe, mark the check box and select a position

Can only be activated by marking the "Expert" checkbox

  • Acceleration – Brake: adjusts the acceleration and braking behavior of the servo. 90 - 110%
  • Timeout – PWM: Here you can adjust the behavior of the servo at full load. Example setting: Timeout 3 s, PWM 60%: if the servo is fully loaded, fully power is applied for 3 s, then reduced to 60 %
  1. Signal speed:Signal type: Type 1 (slow): Setting for most servos, as well as for all Graupner remote control systems (and servos DES, HVS, HBS and HGM)
  2. Type 2 (fast) for some Futaba or Sanwa remote control systems which require this setting.